Candidate FAQs

Joblynn is an assessment software used to evaluate your skills and qualifications for a particular role. It helps maintain a secure and fair exam environment by monitoring for any cheating behaviors to ensure the integrity of your assessment.

Yes, you can take assessments remotely from your own computer. Joblynn is designed to allow for remote assessments while maintaining the necessary security measures.

Joblynn uses advanced pattern detection technology to monitor your exam environment and identify any unusual behavior that may indicate cheating. This ensures a secure and fair assessment process.

You'll answer questions or complete tasks related to the role you're applying for. Your assessment session will be monitored to ensure compliance with the assessment guidelines, and any suspicious behavior may result in disqualification.

It's essential to read and follow the assessment instructions carefully. Ensure you have a stable internet connection, a quiet environment, and no materials in the room before starting the assessment.

If Joblynn detects any behavior that violates the assessment guidelines or indicates cheating, your assessment may be disqualified. It's essential to maintain the integrity of the assessment process to demonstrate your qualifications accurately.

Depending on the organization's policies, you may or may not have access to your assessment results.

In case of technical issues, such as a sudden internet disconnect, it is essential for candidates to ensure a stable internet connection as they may or may not get another chance to attempt the assessment. Please contact the support team via email [email protected] for assistance. They will guide you through the necessary steps to address the problem and, if possible, provide further attempts to complete your assessment.

Yes, taking an assessment on Joblynn is completely free for candidates. You can participate in the assessment process without incurring any costs, allowing you to showcase your skills and qualifications to potential employers at no expense.

Yes, to ensure the integrity and security of the assessment process, candidates are required to verify their identity by providing a valid government ID card. This verification step helps maintain a fair and trustworthy assessment environment.

Self-approached candidates can attempt assessments on Joblynn once every month. This frequency allows you to showcase your skills and qualifications on a monthly basis. Please note that organization-approached candidates do not have such limitations and can follow their organization's assessment policies.

The primary difference is that self-approached candidates independently seek and attempt assessments on Joblynn, while organization-referred candidates are referred by an organization or employer as part of their hiring process.